Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to join a team but I am not sure which one? What should I do?

The best is to come along to one of the Social Open Session (£7/session). Have a chat with the coach on duty and he will assess your level and direct you toward 1 or 2 teams that may match your level. However, the final decision is down to the coach if they wish to accept you in the team or not (if not, it is simply because the team is either full or your level is not suited to the team).

  • How often do you train and play matches?

Every team trains once a week, and matches are roughly once every 2 weeks. However, you can enjoy an extra session if you come along our social open sessions.

  • I am in the UK only for a few months. What are my options to play volleyball?

The best is to join the Social Open Sessions which doesn't engage you to anything. Simply turn up, no booking required.

  • What is included in the club membership fees?

It includes various running costs and kits such as:

  1. Playing tops
  2. Volleyball balls (match and practice)
  3. Courts hire
  4. Coach fees
  5. Referees and Scorers for matches
  • What do I need to do to join the Social Session? Do I need to book anything or inform anyone?

You don't need to do anything. You just turn up at one of the session with your sport gears (trainers, short and tshirt) and enjoy the session.

DON'T FORGET to bring £7 (cash) with you for the session, for which you will pay at the end of the session.

  • Can I play for first/second half the season only?

In theory you can, however as we have a lot of players interested in our teams, the coach may decide to select only the players committed to play the entire season. Membership fees are set by semester so if you only play for half the season, you only pay for half (no less, no more).

The final decision however is with the coach himself.

  • How is the membership collected?


We use to collect membership fees once a semester. It is also used to send events reminders such as matches, social events, etc.