If you wish to join a team, you will first need to come for a trial, so the coach can assess your level and make sure your level is adequate for the team. Once the trial completed, you will need to fill in the registration card (including a passport size picture) and hand it over to the team secretary.

The annual membership payment is divided in 2 installments:

September to December  1st Semester
January to April 2nd Semester



Membership Fees

(per semester)

Membership Fees



£180 (early bird **)


£340 (early bird **)



£140 (early bird **)


£260 (early bird **)


Social Session

£5 per session


 ** early bird discount = 1st semester payment by 1st October , 2nd semester payment by 15th January

Note: If you join a team after the early bird deadline, you have 2 weeks to benefit from that lower rate.